Quality Assurance

Quality control is carried out during the entire production process, from the input of the material to the shipment of the finished products.

The input control covers purchased products as well as the customer’s material. In cooperation with a certified laboratory, we ensure the basic inspection of mechanical properties and chemical composition.

Continuous control over the production process is secured by a system of self inspection – each worker is responsible for product quality. Ordinary communal gauges are checked regularly and are subject to regular calibration, either internally or in cooperation with a certified laboratory.

The products are regularly measured on a 3D coordinate measuring machine from the Carl Zeiss company. The measured values are stored and used as proof of the quality of the manufactured products.

As part of a system of ongoing care dedicated to improving the quality of production, data are measured continuously or statistically evaluated based on the customer’s wishes. This is accomplished through the use of the statistical software qs-STAT from the company Q-DAS®.

We use the CAQ system from the Czech company PALSTAT. These individual modules have proven to be successful for the storage of information, quality planning in manufacturing, and for measurement evidence and verifying them for eligibility.

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