The goal of the Strojírna Vimperk spol. s r.o. machine works is to be a responsible partner who fulfills the wishes and expectations of all the participating parties.

The company’s policy was created with the intention of becoming firmly established in the minds of our customers, suppliers, the region’s communities, and employees.

The first certification of the quality management system was implemented in 2001; the environmental management system was certified in 2007; the management of health and safety at work was certified in 2014. The management systems are implemented for the whole plant in Vimperk, for all activities and products. The management systems are actively developed and their requirements are revised as part of a series of annual internal audits conducted by a certified external auditor. Certification is renewed in cooperation with the certification society DNV.


Quality Management


Our product planning helps to realize the start of series production at the right time, at a specified quality, and within an agreed amount in accordance with the planned budget. With preventive quality management tools such as advanced product quality planning (APQP), failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), analyses of risks, system optimization, and effective management of the production and technological processes, we are able to achieve the quality our customers desire at the very beginning of series production.


Management of the Environment


We consider our environmental management policy not simply an unprofitable duty, but an established part of our company. To avoid wasting resources, we are continuously developing environmentally friendly practices and cooperating with suppliers of suitable means of production. The recycling of materials is integrated into our production cycles. Through the systematic implementation of our environmental standards in practice, we provide this area with the most valuable know-how and other implementation skills.


Management of health and safety at work

Our occupational safety and health management system proves its efficiency by the management of its risks, which are endangering or injurious to human health at work. The area of risk prevention is not new to the company; the care has been taken to prevent risks since its establishment. Compliance with this system is rigorously enforced.