Installation of Industrial Electronics

Basic information

  • In 1999, the company expanded its production program to include “Manufacture, installation, and repair of electronic equipment”.
  • This worksite serves for the assembly of sheathed cable for the production of transport equipment and industrial electronics. We implement both simple orders that might consist of cutting and winding conductors, insulating them and attaching connectors, or the production of complex multi-cable systems consisting of dozens of wires of different lengths and diverse casting.
  • Another activity is the assembly of electronic construction assemblies and complete systems. We manufacture printed circuit boards, soldered jumpers, and entire aggregates complete with operational controls.

Quality Assurance

We ensure the quality of production in the manufacture of our electrical equipment through the independent testing of production. This mostly involves the mechanical testing of cable assemblies, e.g. the strength and size of crimped connections. Further testing is carried out on the dielectric strength of insulation in both dry and moist environments. GPT 515 AD – dielectric strength tester 0-5kV, max. 100mA

  • Based on the customer‘s wishes, we measure the low resistance of grounding conductors. ALF 10 – instrument for measuring low resistance via current > 10 A –range 0.00 ÷ 1.50 Ω More complex assemblies are tested using a programmable cable tester. Adaptronic KT 110 – programmable cable tester
  • For quality planning in production and the storage of information, we use the CAQ system from the Czech company PALSTAT.