About the company

The Strojírna Vimperk spol. s r. o. machine works company was established in 1993 to begin production in the metalworking field. Our first four years were spent in leased premises in Strakonice while at the same time we began to build our own plant. The year 1998 saw the approval of a new industrial hall with a production area of 1,440 square meters. Our storage facilities have roughly the same area, and another 1,200 square meters are used to support production and administrative facilities.

We use CNC machine tools to machine parts from steel, gray and ductile cast iron, aluminum, and burnouts designated for installation into trucks and trailers, tractors, construction machinery, forklifts, and other mobile equipment. We are constantly investing into modern technologies that improve the parameters of our products and are also more environmentally friendly.

For industrial electronics assembly work, we hold a separate building with a production area of 500 m2, used for the assembly of cabinets, lamps, thermostats, and cable assemblies designed for refrigeration equipment.

Our constant goal is to be associated with our products in the subconscious mind of our customers; products that achieve a lasting quality, with reliability in delivery, and a willingness to resolve and satisfy their current needs and requirements. By fulfilling this condition, we want to gain the loyalty of our existing customers as well as the interest of new customers. At the same time, we want to be associated in our suppliers’ minds with reliability and a respect for ethics in business. We also expect to be able to fully rely on their deliveries and flexible cooperation. In all our activities, we make sure that we conserve resources and behave in such a way so that our activities, products, and services have as considerate an effect on the environment as possible.